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The ideal absorbent for oil/hydrocarbon spills on any hard surfaces (Highways/Roads, Petrol Stations; Concrete; Paving; Workshop Floors)


  • Non-Leaching (Encapsulates)
  • Reduces Waste and Clean-Up time by 50%
  • Reduces the Risk of accidents from residue left over by other absorbents


Floor Gator is a premium oil absorbent designed for the industrial and automotive market. It is made from recycled manufacture or postconsumer materials. It is an all-purpose absorbent and is engineered for safe, fast and economical liquid spill pick up. The strong wicking action of Floor Gator absorbs up to six times its own weight in liquid and totally encapsulates the spill so that the floor is left clean and dry. As it is a much lighter product than calcined clay and diatomaceous earth products, transportation costs for large spills are reduced as well as waste generation. In addition, it saves money against the low cost (kitty litter) products as one bag of Floor Gator replaces between eight to 20 bags of standard clay-based products.

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