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The Multi-Purpose degreasing cleaner that can replace a wide variety of other cleaners and chemicals in most industries.


  • Non-Toxic; Non-Flammable and Biodegradable
  • Accelerates biodegradation of hydrocarbons
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Replaces many other products at Engine Repair Workshops; Petrol Stations; Cleaning Contractors; Restaurants; Maritime & Aircraft (Interior & Exterior)


  1. Engine Degrease 1:5 Dilution ratio. Spray on warm engine and brush into heavily soiled or old caked areas. Let stand for 15 minutes and spray off with high pressure water or steam. For truck wheels or heavily soiled engines and undercarriages use at 1:5 dilution also.
  2. Interiors may be effectively cleaned at a ratio of 1:50. Use a brush on upholstery and a towel to blot excess moisture and dirt. Gator Wash will also help to remove odors from the vehicles as you clean. Grease and Oil on fabrics can be effectively cleaned at a 1:20 ratio. Be certain to blot excess liquid.
  3. Whitewall Tires may be cleaned at 1:10 dilution. Agitate with a stiff bristle brush and rinse.
  4. Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners. Use Gator Wash at a ratio of 1:80 in place of cleaners for dip tanks.
  5. Steam Cleaners use Gator Wash at a ratio of 1:80 at the nozzle. The emulsifying action of our cleaner will help remove scaling inside the coils of the steam cleaners. This greatly reduces the need for maintenance.
    The Gator Wash microbes will survive up to 110 degrees and 700 PSI. If necessary the microbes can be mixed with warm water and applied after Steam Cleaning, without effecting the cleaning process.
  6. Electrical Parts may be safely cleaned with Gator Wash at a ratio of 1:30. It will clean printed circuit boards of various metal oxides but will not cause any dimensional changes. Parts must be thoroughly air dried after cleaning.
  7. For exteriors of cars and trucks you may use a 1:80 dilution. It makes an excellent shampoo. Stronger solutions can be used to remove road film, salt, insects and diesel smoke.
  8. Concrete and Asphalt Parking areas may be effectively cleaned at a 1:10 ratio. The surfactants and super wetting agents will clean down deep into the surface without causing damage such as raveling of asphalt or discoloration of concrete.
  9. Shop rags may be cleaned by soaking in a 1:5 solution overnight. Rinse and allow to dry. Rinse and allow to dry. Rags will be free of grease, oil and gas and no longer smell.
  10. Gator Wash may be used as an extremely effective and safe hand cleaner. Apply and rinse with water.

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