Committed to superior quality and results

For Spills on Land use Oil Gator

For Spills on Hard Surface use Floor Gator

For Spills on Water use Cell –U-Sorb

Rebus Distributors products are backed by intense research and development certified testing laboratories to provide breakthrough absorbent technology:

With the assistance of the (USDA) US Dept. of Agriculture, (AARC) Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation, Gator International developed several world class high quality environmental cleanup absorbent products.

Oil Gator users have come to rely on Gator International products for their daily operations in upstream and downstream applications. Their commitment to product performance, customer service and customer satisfaction has made Oil Gator the market leader for on-site bioremediation projects.

Gator International are actively working with industry leaders and testing laboratories advancing the science behind bioremediation with 20 years of proven results in real world applications.

  • Cutting-edge infrastructure
  • A leading force in the environmental clean-up market
  • International distribution network
  • World-class facilities
  • Developed international standards

 Gator International has manufacturing facilities in 3 states (Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi) and operates bonded warehouse facilities in Canada and across America.

“Our founder holds 16 patents and continues his work every day with the Research and Development Team.  Our 4 most senior staff has a combined 80 years of experience with Gator products and is dedicated to success at every level”

Gator guarantees that our quality always exceeds international standards as we enforce strict internal quality controls.

Gator products are manufactured to USDA Bio-Preferred accredited standards.

01. Our Mission

To provide products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures designed to preserve human health and the quality of the environment.

02. Our Management Policy

To prosper as a service driven company who believes in educating the end user for mutual benefit.


Rebus Distributors (Pty) Ltd was founded in October 2016 and operates under the directorship of Werner Scheepers.

Werner Scheepers


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