Absorbent vs Adsorbent


Everyone is aware of the word absorbent but might have not heard about adsorbent. With a single change of ‘d’ in place of ‘b’ means a lot of difference between the two. Both adsorbent and absorbent are different physical and chemical processes.
Absorbent is the process by which a material absorbs some amount of liquid or gas into it. Adsorbent is a process by which some liquid or gas gets accumulated on the surface of a solid material.

Gator is the real thing.

Benefits :

  • Comes in a 30 pound bag (13.5 Kg bag) for ease of handling and storage
  •  Lightweight- which will lower the cost of transportation.
  •  Encapsulates oil or oil-based products where permitted by law
  •  Ground cleaning by bioremediation.
  •  Stops leaching of contaminants into the soil or groundwater.
  •  Non carcinogenic & non abrasive
  •  All natural cellulosic fibres